As the name suggests, warehouse racking system is the arrangement of iron racks of dimensions, specific to the material, stored in the godown. This is an old school approach to store extra items in less space. But nowadays latest technologies and inventions are applied to modernize the concept of warehouse racking system,


Type of racks


Industries type


Heavy duty racks

Automobile parts, hardware items, large heavy items, and many more…

e-commerce company, automobile company, exports warehouse, foods industries, and many more….


Slotted angle racks

Small hardware parts, grocery items, household items, toys items, light weight items and many more……

Stores, shops, small warehouses, private offices, government office,

Premier steel point is the leading manufacture of all kinds of warehouse racks with wide industrial applications. This ranges from slotted angle racks, section panel racks, pigeon hole racks, pallet racks, heavy duty racks, steel racks, Display racks, channel racks, Industries racks, warehouse racks and all kinds of industrial racks.

Premier steel point has served warehouse racks to many clients. Some of the major clients are listed below:


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India’s leading racks’ manufacturing unit.

How the organized structure leads you to profits!

A game changer that can truly revolutionize the way you do business is what we are going to talk about. The warehouse racks has been creating lots of interest in the recent times as the scope for logistics is going up. As you inch forth to have better chances of gaining great business, you should first get your warehouse organized in a nice way.

But doing it like this is indeed the most crucial aspect of succeeding business when there are so many competitors who are improving at the speed of MACH. Therefore, one needs to be quite pragmatic in his approach and watch for the newest of the inventions that are propping up in the field of business.

What are the warehouse racks for?

If you have employed these racks, then there must have been a significant enhancement in the degree of the business that you are fetching. There remains no iota of failure if you have employed an organized structure to keep the large stuff that is there in your warehouse. Therefore, with the increase in the usage of these organized entities, you are surely going to move to places in your business as it will be easier for you to get the stuff ordered by the client.

Therefore, do not worry about the cost but think about the results that you would be getting by employing the best of the improvements that are there in the market. The durable entities are surely going to be an adage in the business that you are doing.

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