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Heavy Duty Rack

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Welcome to Premier Steel Point. We are the leading manufacturer of
heavy-duty rack in Delhi, India.

A high-end heavy-duty rack offers the perfect mobile storage feature. It is a noiseless, easy-gliding system that has remained the same for years. There is no effort required to move the rack. Although this mobile storage product is inexpensive, its quality is excellent, providing users with ample storage space. This fabulous idea of heavy-duty racks saves up to 60% of the floor space compared to other shelving products. It allows the user to increase their storage space by 100%. It can easily slide on the floor, which makes these racks much more portable than other shelving options. There are different racks available, which people can use for various purposes. The basic functionality of the racks includes the idea that whenever storage space is required, the respective aisle can be opened mechanically or electrically. These racks are commonly used in large-scale industries that require the storage of a large number of products.

Racks to solve warehousing issues.

Heavy-duty racks are the best racking solution for industries that deal in heavy-duty goods, like automobile parts, e-commerce companies, food industries, medical equipment, bulky goods, gunny bags, etc. Heavy-duty racks are the best solution for warehousing as they create extra space in the existing area. Heavy-duty racks are widely used in industrial applications due to their high shelf-loading capacity.

Racks have a loading capacity of up to 10,000 kg. These racks can be customized in various sizes per the customer’s requirements and space constraints. Premier Steel Point is a leading manufacturer of heavy-duty racks and caters to individual needs. We have served many clients with the best-quality racks to solve their industrial needs. We are India’s leading manufacturer of heavy-duty racks in Delhi and Delhi NCR.

heavy duty racks
heavy duty racks


  • The racks are made using high quality materials, which makes them strong and sturdy.
  • It requires minimal maintenance, which is the major reason people choose this storage option.
  • Free movement is a result of the perfectly engineered gears, rails, chains, and sprockets, which provide a smooth movement.

The cost-effective, smooth gliding movement features of the heavy duty racks make them the best buy among other storage options.

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