Heavy Duty Racks

Heavy duty rack to solve warehousing issues.

Heavy duty racks are the best racking solution for industries which deal in heavy duty goods like automobile parts; e commerce company; food industry; medical equipments, bulky goods, gunny bags, etc. Heavy duty racks are the best

solution for warehousing as it creates an extra space in the existing space. Heavy duty racks are widely used in all kinds of industrial types due to its high shelf loading capacity.saljofa.com modré sandály na podpatku thepolarispetsalon.com sevilenotocekici.com bundy kilpi damske mads nørgaard taske thepolarispetsalon.com sevilenotocekici.com feinsmecker strømper bundy kilpi damske ribstol elan panske tricka mads nørgaard taske skrue kasse thepolarispetsalon.com

The loading capacity of heavy duty racks are upto 10,000kg. Heavy duty racks can be customised in to various sizes as per the customer’s requirements and space constraints.

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