Section Panel Racks

Section Panel Racks

This design of Section Panel Racks is a wooden crate design. It is designed considering the Standard version, which had some flaws associated, mostly when in use in areas of poor weather and low forage density. The sections are arranged as eight rows of four with each section set on the bars that make the bottom of the rack. A space is emptied at one side of the stack and this void is permeated with a ‘follower board’ that condenses the stack forcing it into close contact with a curved leaf spring. The empty spaces between the bars are filled at each edge with fillets of 9 mm thick timber ensuring no evasion space for the bees is available, alongside the bees don’t reach the bereft that exists between the follower board and the side of the rack. The fillet width equals the rack width. Section Racks aid for adaptability in your warehouse center, successfully reconfigure the basic model and help to attain maximum storage density and efficiency. The products are placed directly on the rack which also aids for the storage space. The base is supposed to be the pallet, which cuts down on the cost. Section Racking is the most widely used type of warehouse racking. It provides for the lowest pallet storage capacity, in addition is also the lowest cost per square per meter of racking. However, in terms of high volume storage greater than 3000 pallets it’s often the most expensive alternative. Narrow aisles don’t always cope for lower storage cost. This, results in slower handling times which outweighs the benefits associated with greater storage. Completing the void rack spaces, may sound silly, but the fact that it gives your rack a clean, “finished” look cannot be denied.

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