Ladder Type Cable Trays Manufacturer Delhi

Ladder Type Cable Trays

A Cable management solution provider company lately announced that the company will be offering a Cope Ladder Type Cable Trays System.

It is a new universal cable tray solution ideal for as follows:

  • Power
  • Automotive
  • Transportation
  • Heavy industrial and commercial industries

The Ladder cable tray can hold out against heavy rigor and harsh environments with heavy hot dip galvanised steel as well as fibreglass. UL has tested representative samples of the product and established that this very product meets UL’s requirements. Satisfying all the requirements, all models are UL-classified. It proffers the product in both aluminium and steel, Ladder Cable Tray Systems are available for all cable tray load classes that might be required – from NEMA 12A to 20C. Covering up over four different load depths, four different materials, and seven widths aid in providing cost effective solutions for most job requirements. One of the advantages of Cable tray system is that they prove to be a great alternative owing to its cost efficiency for buildings that demand usage of multiple cable runs, Strong and last longing, the Ladder Type Cable Trays Systems also prove of much importance due to their swaged rung. The tray’s distinctive design that offers double the pull-out strength, provides an overall stiffer rigidity, and radiant access to cables when compared to welded options.

The newer, more open design permits easy installation of cables by electricians, alongside providing convenient access for adding or removing cable runs. The interlinked mechanical connection carried at 20,000 lbs ensures the rung does not fail even under extreme conditions. Auto-cad MEP consists of a ladder cable tray that is available in the electrical workspace on the cable tray and pipeline tool palette tab.  Please note that all cable tray look alike in Autocad MEP. There is, however, one differentiating factor that distinguishes between the types of cable trays, and that factor is their specific names.

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