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Channel Racks

A channel rack is most widely in use for places where multiple similar kinds of pallets can be stored in a horizontal manner in channels with the use of an electrically operated spiral instrument when designing and building a precise warehouse. The electric instrument runs on a track below the level of pallet lifting and adjusts its position to the neighboring pallets in the channel.

Compared to the standard racking methods, which usually involve one unit per compartment, channel racks provide with convenience in operating warehouse storage that have high numbers of similar pallets. Channel racks are an efficient alternative to drive-in racking systems, with options provided between either First In First Out or First In Last Out systems. This type of storage racking technique is rather popular for grounds of cold storage, which implies high maintenance cost for storage. Storage of bulk density with FIFO options, here, is the preferred choice. In comparison to Flow Rack Systems, this system offers a FIFO alternative that also proves cost efficient.

When large volumes of goods need to be stored in an organised fashion, where there is little variety provided in product groups, channel rack storage is an ideal solution. The beneficial factor that makes channel racks advantageous in comparison to the typical high-rise pallet racking in a warehouse, boils down to the convenience of greater space utilization. Particularly taking into account, the refrigerated warehouses, that alongside count as energy intensive, a channel rack storage tops the list. These channel racks are constructed with high quality components which withstand temperatures of up-to -30 degrees with much ease. These racks are convenient and efficient even if there come extreme conditions, narrowing it down to infinite shelf life of these systems.

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